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Wizz Laundry Products

Caring for your laundry couldn’t be easier with the range of Wizz Cleaning products available at Star Brands. 

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Wizz Laundry Products

Our tried and tested formulas allow you to clean, care and protect your fabrics, including garments, linen and delicates. With a collection of powerful yet gentle fabric cleaner, including sprays, powders and liquids, you can easily wash and care for you and your family’s laundry with ease with Wizz Cleaning products at Star Brands.

For All Your Laundry Needs

Within our Wizz Cleaning Products collection, you will come across a number of formulas that meet all your household laundry needs. Our Wizz Oxi Stain removers use the power of oxygen to remove stains and whiten whites, while our fabric softener uses a gently formulation to care and protect your clothing and linen. We also feature the Wizz Fabric Freshener which infuses your clothing and fabrics with long lasting scents for long lasting freshness.

Gentle Laundry Care

The Wizz Cleaning Products and fabric cleaners are produced by Star Brands and are designed to clean and care for you and your family’s laundry. We only use gentle formulations so you can be safe in the knowledge that our products won’t cause harm or irritation to your skin. Star Brands and Wizz are both trusted, British brands that you can rely on for gentle, powerful cleaning in and around the home. For more quality household cleaning products, try our Stardrops and Clean-Ology range.