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We’re always looking for new ways to keep fit. Whether it’s a fitness class craze or a celebrity endorsed workout regime, the world of weight loss is always full of innovative ways to shed the pounds. But the secret to keeping fit could be closer to home than you think. Housework, whilst most of us do it for the sake of keeping the home spick and span, could be a great way to slim down and stay active. Whether you’re vacuuming the carpets or cleaning the windows, all that stretching, bending and lifting could potentially burn calories, help you tone up and lose weight. So why shell out for an expensive gym membership or personal trainer, when you can keep fit just by doing the housework?

Housework Calories Burned
Housework Activities

Other household activities that also burn a high number of calories include gardening and washing the car, which both burn around 300 calories per hour. As well as this, you can also torch 350 calories through an hour of DIY and over 400 calories can be burnt just by rearranging furniture for 60 minutes.  It is recommended that those aged between 19 and 65 take up 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. But on average, adults in the UK spend 11.5 hours doing housework every week. That’s 2,345 calories burned, which would equal around 2lbs of weight loss each month just through housework alone.   If you’re counting your daily steps with a pedometer or fitness tracker, it’s also worth noting that housework will help you increase your daily step count too. On average, a minute of light housework is equivalent to taking around 72 steps. So just 30 minutes of housework per day would add a whopping 2,000 steps to your fitness tracker or pedometer, taking you closer to your daily target.

Housework Workout
  • Take items upstairs one at a time, that way, you will have to walk up and down the stairs more often, meaning more energy is required and more calories are burnt
  • Play some music while you clean to help keep you motivated and make the process of cleaning more fun
  • Do more by hand to use up more energy. Forget the dishwasher and clean the dishes by hand.  Lunge while you vacuum to help tone your leg muscles and burn more calories
  • Stretch as much as you can when cleaning the windows to help tone and tighten your arms and abs

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*Numbers are based on a 35 year old, 5ft 3in female weighing 154lb