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For high quality, hard working cleaning supplies, choose from our professional cleaning products here at Star Brands. Our StarPRO cleaning range can be used within a number of commercial capacities for industrial, heavy duty cleaning.

Keeping professional kitchens clean and hygienic is important for any food establishment and our range of catering cleaners are designed to help you clean and care for your kitchen with ease. For hand cleaning dishes, cutlery and other utensils, use the StarPRO Hand Dishwashing Detergent or the StarPRO Machine Dishwashing Liquid for use in dishwashers. We also stock the StarPRO Oven and Grill Spray for cleaning dirt and food from cookers and hobs and the StarPRO Hard Surface Spray can be used to clean worktops and other surfaces within a commercial kitchen environment. For more details on cleaning your food establishment, read our commercial kitchen cleaning guidehere you will find information and advice on cleaning surfaces, equipment, food preparation and serving areas within catering establishments. 

For those who own housekeeping or private cleaning businesses, we also offer a range of general cleaning products and housekeeping supplies for multiple uses around commercial establishments. Use the StarPRO Window and Glass Spray for streak free cleaning of windows, mirrors and any other glass surfaces. The StarPRO Carpet Spot and Stain Remover is also ideal for industrial carpet cleaning and our StarPRO Furniture Polish and Cleaner Spray is also a highly effective cleaner for removing dirt and fingerprints from surfaces. We also stock sanitary products, including, heavy duty bleach and toilet cleaner alongside odour control products, such as air freshener and deodoriser. For advice on using our cleaning products, read our hotel cleaning guide for more information. We also offer hints and tips in our office cleaning guide

For commercial fabric cleaning and quality products for use in the launderette services industry, we also offer a range of quality laundry supplies and cleaning products in our StarPro range. Our StarPRO Fabric Softener is designed to reduce cling and static in synthetic materials, while the StarPRO Oxi Fabric Stain Remover Powder allows you to rapidly remove tough stains from a number of fabrics and materials. We also manufacture a number of 5 litre detergent packs, which are ideal for cleaning businesses or laundry services who are looking to purchase heavy duty cleaning products in bulk.

For public restrooms, our range of washroom supplies and hygiene supplies includes a number of cleaning products for commercial use. Our hardworking StarPRO Washroom Cleaner and Limescale Remover is designed to help clean and clear limescale, soap scum and grease from washrooms and restrooms. We also manufacture the StarPRO Bactericidal Washroom Cleaner Concentrate for heavy duty cleaning. Washroom hand soap and hand hygiene products can also be found in our professional range for placement in public restrooms too.

For more information on our professional cleaning products or how to purchase our cleaning supplies for your business needs, simply contact our team, who will be more than happy to help. Or, alternatively, take a look at our extensive range of StarPRO products in detail, here at Star Brands.