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Star Brands are thrilled to be the creators of our two amazing brands Stardrops and The Pink Stuff.

Stardrops is a high performance, affordable brand that has been a firm favourite for retailers for decades. Don’t let its longevity fool you. The brand, its products, and its formulations have evolved over the years to ensure it meets consumers and retailers' demands. 

Stardrops product range includes 4 in 1 Disinfectant Spray, White Vinegar Spray, Power Drops Lavender Dreams, Tropical Sunrise and Spring Time.

The Pink Stuff is taking the sector by storm. One of the most talked-about brands to come on the scene in years. In addition to the much-loved Miracle Cleaning Paste, Miracle Cream Cleaner, Miracle Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Power Disinfectant Cleaner, Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner, Miracle Window Cleaner with Rose Vinegar and Miracle Toilet Cleaner, Miracle Wash Up Spray, Miracle All Purpose Floor Cleaner, Miracle Power Drops, Miracle Foaming Toilet Cleaner, and Miracle Scrubber Kit. Now transferring expertise into Direct To Floor Cleaner, Carpet And Upholstery Spray, and Limescale Gel.

The Pink Stuff is based on a market-leading performance formulation that utilises natural cleaning particles to provide an effective yet kinder cleaner. 

In addition to our two brands, The Pink Stuff and Stardrops, we also have a variety of products within our Star Laundry Aids range. These products are created by us for popular and familiar laundry brands. We continue to work in partnership with these brands to identify the products that you need and want and then helped to get them on the shelves and in-store for you to enjoy.

The Power of Pink

...The Power of Pink!

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...What A Star!

Star Laundry Aids

...Star Laundry Aids!