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Answers to some of our more frequently asked questions.

Where can I find a list of your ingredients + colourants?Click to open

Where can I find material safety data sheets (MSDS)?Click to open

Where is Star Brands made?Click to open

Do you list your ingredients on your bottles?Click to open

Do your products ever expire?Click to open

Why does Star Brands use dyes in its products?Click to open

Do you use any GMOs in your products?Click to open

Does Star Brands use parabens?Click to open

Does Star Brands use triclosan?Click to open

Where does Star Brands source its palm oil from?Click to open

What are the ingredients in the Stardrops Original Cleaner?Click to open

What other uses are there for the Stardrops Original Cleaner?Click to open

Are Star Brands cleaning products eco friendly?Click to open

Are Star Brands products tested on animals?Click to open

Who can I contact about your website?Click to open

Who is Star Brands owned by?Click to open

Have you guys thought about refills?Click to open

Is your laundry liquid bottle recyclable?Click to open

Are your packaging made with recycled materialClick to open

Can I buy Star Brands in bulk or industrial sizes?Click to open

Which types of flooring can I use Star Brands floor cleaners on?Click to open

Can I use Star Brands cleaning products on all materials and surfaces?Click to open

How do I set up my Pink Stuff Miracle Scrubber Kit?Click to open