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Office Cleaning

It is important to keep any workplace clean and tidy, including offices. Desks, kitchens and windows all need to be kept hygienically clean within a working environment. Although many companies may hire external cleaners to keep their workplaces hygienic, it may be worthwhile delegating the cleaning tasks among employees if you are working from a small office space.

For help and advice on cleaning your office, take a look below at some of our helpful hints and tips on how to use our StarPRO professional cleaning products within your workplace.


Our StarPRO Hand Dishwashing Detergent can be used within an office kitchen or break-room to keep dishes, glassware and cutlery clean and hygienic. It can also be used to clean hard surfaces such as worktops or counters within an office kitchen space. For those buying in bulk, you will also find our dishwashing detergent available in a five litre bottle. To use our Bulk Washing Up Liquid:

  • Start by diluting the StarPRO Dish Detergent 5 Litres with hot water. The ratio should be roughly 33ml per 40L sink.
  • Make sure cutlery and dishes are free from food by scraping any remains into the bin beforehand.
  • Wash items in the solution thoroughly and rinse using clean hot water.
  • Allow dishes to air dry on the worktop or a dish rack.
  • To clean kitchen surfaces, mix 5ml of dish detergent with 5L of hot water and wipe across worktops and counters using a clean cloth.

Desk Cleaning

Desks and work tables can become grubby over time, so to keep them clean and fresh, use our StarPRO Professional Surface Cleaner to remove grime and dirt. Our formula can be used on a number of surface materials, including, plastic, formica, laminate, paintwork and stainless steel.

  • Remove any equipment from the desk and make sure any electrically equipment is out of the way.
  • Spray the StarPRO Professional Surface Cleaner across the desk or table and wipe using a clean cloth.
  • For more concentrated cleaning, spray the cleaner directly onto the cloth and wipe the surface.
  • To polish surfaces and other office furniture, you can use our StarPRO Furniture Polish to help protect from fingerprints and dirt.
  • Start by removing any objects from the surfaces, the shake the bottle before using.
  • Spray the polish onto the surface and wipe with a soft, dry cloth.


It is important to carry out regular hand washing within an office environment to help prevent the spreading of germs. Our StarPRO Hand Wash can be placed in toilets and washrooms and offers effective, everyday hand cleansing. Our hand wash is also available in five litres for those who want to bulk buy. The StarPRO Handwash in 5 Litres can be added to refillable, non foaming soap dispensers in office toilets. For unpleasant smells which linger in workplace toilets or office environments, us our StarPRO Air Freshener to help neutralise odours. Simply spray into the air away from the face, making sure not to spray near food or furniture. If product does come into contact with furniture, wipe off immediately.


Office windows also require regular cleaning and our StarPRO Glass Cleaner is easy to use and perfect for the job. This effective window and glass cleaner can be used to clean and leaves windows, glass surfaces and mirrors with a smear free finish. Simply spray the solution onto the window and wipe using a clean, soft, dry cloth. The cleaner must not be used on televisions or computer screens. We also offer the StarPRO Window and Glass Cleaner in 5 Litres for those who want to buy in bulk.

Carpets and Upholstery

Carpets within an office environment can become grubby over time and stains can occur. To keep them clean, use our StarPRO Carpet Stain Remover spray which can help to remove a variety of stains, including, tea, coffee, oil and ink.

  • First check for colour fastness by rubbing an inconspicuous area with the solution and a white cloth. The cloth should remain unstained.
  • Start by removing any objects from the area or clean away any dirt or solid matter.
  • Spray the StarPRO Carpet Stain Remover onto the area affected and leave for around two minutes.
  • Next, agitate the stain using a damp sponge or cloth, working from the outside into the centre.
  • Blot the area using a paper towel and leave to dry before vacuuming.
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