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Hints and Tips

Our wide range of household cleaning products can be used across many different surfaces, to help keep your home clean and cared for. Whether you are looking for high quality cleaners for the kitchen, bathroom or living room, our Star Drops and Clean-ology cleaning products are designed to make your cleaning chores as easy as possible. Take a look below at some of our hints and tips on how to care for your home with our range of cleaning products.

Kitchen Cleaning

Our range of kitchen cleaning products can be used across all surfaces within the kitchen. Whether you are cleaning the worktops or the oven, our quality, hard working cleaners are designed to help you clean and care for your kitchen and dining area with ease. For hints and tips on cleaning your kitchen with Star Brands products, read our easy to follow Kitchen Cleaning Guide.

Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning the bathroom can be a tough job to tackle, but with our range of bathroom cleaning products, you can easily clean and care for all surfaces within your bathroom, including toilets, sinks and tiles. Why not read through our Bathroom Cleaning Guide to find out how Star Brands products can get your bathroom gleaming.

Kitchen Cleaning Products

Floor Cleaning

You can also clean your floors, including carpets, laminate and vinyl with Star Brands cleaners. Our range of effective floor cleaning products are designed to help clean and care for all kinds of floors across multiple areas of the home. Whether you are cleaning carpets, laminate or vinyl, our products are designed to remove stains and care for your floors. To find out how Star Brands products can clean your carpets and laminate flooring, read our Floor Cleaning Guide.

Outdoor Cleaning

With our range of cleaning products, you can also clean your outdoor areas too. Whether you are cleaning your patio or doors, the Star Brands cleaning range can help you remove grime from exterior areas around the home. The Stardrops Original Cleaner can also be used to clean exterior areas around the home, including patios, paving slabs, outdoor furniture, plastic window frames and conservatory roofs. The All Round Cleaner is also great for cleaning bird droppings from windows and bug splatters from cars.

Floor Cleaning Products

Laundry Cleaning

Our Wizz range features a number products that allow you clean and care for your laundry with ease. With a number of fabric softeners, laundry detergent, stain removers and whiteners to choose from, Wizz is the name to choose for your laundry cleaning needs. Over time, your whites can fade and appear grey when put next to new whites. The biggest mistake people make is that they mix their colours and whites together. Any colours, even light, can transfer onto whites whilst in the wash. Often people think that adding more detergent will make whites whiter. This is not always the case as some detergents and fabric conditioners add a coating which can attract dirt. Wizz Oxi Powder Laundry Whitener can whiten whites easily and can be used in either the washing machine or for hand washing. Wizz Oxi Powder Laundry Whitener works best on cottons and cotton blends and can make whites up to three shades whiter.

The Pink Stuff Cleaner

The Pink Stuff cleaning paste is a powerful home cleaning product that can be used on a number of surfaces to clean tough stains. This cream cleaner can be used on a multitude of surfaces and items around the home for effective cleaning. Ideal for use on paintwork, sinks, glass, ceramic, tiles, saucepans, garden furniture, barbeques and more. If you are trying to remove burnt on food from cookware or hobs, The Pink Stuff cleaning paste is the perfect product for the job. In seconds, the cream cleaner gets to work on tough stains which can be difficult to remove with regular cleaning products. To use, simply apply using a clean soft cloth or sponge and rub the affected area gently before rinsing with clean water and polish with a clean dry cloth to finish. The Pink Stuff cleaner leaves surfaces and cookware clean and sparkling and free from burnt on food stains. Below is a video on how to use The Pink Stuff created by blogger Jottie at Clean Bee, who has also wrote a review of The Pink Stuff and its many uses.