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Floor Cleaning Tips

For quick and easy floor cleaning, read our tips on how to look after your floors using our household cleaning products.


Cleaning Carpets

When spills, stains and dirt affect the look of carpets it can feel like a disaster. The Stardrops High Foam Carpet Shampoo is an effective way to remove carpet stains. When spills do happen always scrape off and blot up any excess prior to treatment. Always work from the outside of a stain inward to prevent the stain from spreading. Never scrub a stain as this may alter the carpet fibres. Always spot test an area first. Then spray Stardrops High Foam Carpet Shampoo onto the area. With a clean white cloth rub gently until foaming occurs. Wipe clean and then leave to dry.


Cleaning Pet Stains and Removing Odours

A pet is an important member of the family, but sometimes their presence can create stains and odours. Removing stains and odours from carpets and soft furnishings could not be easier when using Stardrops Pet Stain and Odour Remover. When removing pet stains from carpets, always remove as much of the surface residue as possible but do not scrub the area as it may damage the surface. Spray Stardrops Pet Stain and Odour Remover onto the stain and clean, always working from the outside in as this stops the stain from spreading. After 5 minutes reapply then leave for a further 5 minutes and clean the stain once again. Leaving the remover to work for 5 minutes is essential as this allows the liquid to penetrate the fibres and remove odours more effectively. This will help to stop pets re-marking or messing in the same place again. This is very important especially in homes with multiple pets.


Cleaning Paint Stains

The Stardrops Power Cleaner With Ammonia can help to remove paint stains from clothing and upholstery, as well as glass surfaces and windows. It can also be diluted with water or used neat for more stubborn stains.


Cleaning Laminate Floors

You can easily clean your laminate flooring with our range of cleaning products. The Stardrops Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner can be used to help you clean and clear your flooring as well as our Stardrops Original Cleaner. We also produce the Stardrops Laminate Wood Spray and Wipe for a quick and convenient way of cleaning your laminate flooring.


For more quality floor care products, take a closer look at our entire floor cleaner range.