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Cleaning Checklist

Our handy cleaning checklist will help keep you on track with your household cleaning tasks. 


        Wash The Dishes - Our Stardrops All Round Cleaner can be used as an effective dish washing detergent.

        Make The Beds

        De-Clutter/Clear Any Mess

        Empty The Bins

        Wipe Down Kitchen Counters - The Stardrops Multi Surface Spray Cleaner is a quick way to clean kitchen work surfaces.

        Sweep Kitchen Floor

        Spray Shower/Bath - Prevent buildup of limescale in your shower or bathtub with the Stardrops Shower Clear Spray.


        Dust and Polish Surfaces - The Starpro Furniture Polish Cleaner Spray is ideal for adding a shine to your surfaces.

        Clean Windows - The Stardrops Window and Glass Cleaner is great for a streak free finish

        Vacuum and Mop Floors - Whether you have hardwood, carpets or laminate flooring, we have the right products for your floor cleaning needs.

        Clean the Bathroom - For a sparkling bathroom, choose from our variety of bathroom cleaning products

        Laundry - Our range of Wizz products can be used to effectively clean and care for your laundry and fabrics.


        Deep Clean Kitchen Appliances - The Pink Stuff is a tough cleaning paste that can be used on ovens and cooker hobs to remove dried on food.

        Change Bedding

        Move and Clean Behind Furniture

        Disinfect Kitchen and Bathroom - Our Stardrops Pine Scented Disinfectant Cleaner can be used to clean and care for kitchens and bathrooms.


        Shampoo Carpets - For thorough carpet cleaning, use the Stardrops High Foam Carpet Shampoo.

        Clean and De-Clutter Cupboards

        Clean Outdoor Furniture - The Stardrops Mould and Mildew Cleaner can be used to clean up outdoor and patio furniture.

        Wash Doors and Woodwork - You can easily clean your doors and woodwork with the Stardrops Power Cleaner With Ammonia.