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Catering Cleaning Info

We understand the importance of keeping any food establishment clean and cared for, which is why we offer a range of commercial kitchen cleaners that allow you to keep any catering capacity hygienically clean. It is vital that a professional kitchen is spotless for both health and safety reasons and here at Star Brands, you will find everything you need to clean your catering facility. Whether it’s a cafe, restaurant, pub or canteen, our StarPRO cleaners are high performing and are designed specifically for industrial and commercial use.

What The Inspector Will Be Looking For

Food hygiene officers will be checking your establishment to make sure you are following food hygiene laws, including, Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 which details the hygiene of foodstuffs. Your business should abide by the basic requirements which are set out in The Food Hygiene Regulations. This includes all aspects of the establishment such as premises, facilities and staff personal hygiene. They will also look for principles of HACCP, which looks at potential harmful bacteria and chemical contamination. Floors, walls, surfaces and equipment are all checked by food hygiene offers to make sure they are in sound condition and adequately cleaned and disinfected where necessary.

Along with our professional cleaning products, we also offer help and advice on how to use our products within your food or beverage establishment to help you meet the required food hygiene standards needed.

How To Clean Commercial Kitchen Surfaces and Worktops

You can clean worktops, bars, tables and counters with our StarPRO Professional Surface Cleaner. You should aim to clean unheated surfaces preparation and serving areas periodically throughout the day to avoid any risk of contamination. Heated surfaces should also be cleaned daily, but be sure they are cool before beginning any cleaning tasks.

  • Start by removing any items or small equipment from the surface
  • Then, wipe away any food debris with a dry cloth.
  • Next, spray the StarPRO Professional Surface Cleaner across the surface you are wanting to clean.
  • With a clean cloth, wipe the entire surface in circular motions until the cleaner is removed.
  • Alternatively, you can spray the cleaner straight onto a cloth, then wipe down your surfaces.
  • Sinks can also suffer from limescale buildup over time, so it is essential to remove this by cleaning sinks on a weekly basis. The StarPRO Limescale Remover can be used to remove limescale and clean sinks on a regular basis.

How To Clean Commercial Kitchen Ovens and Grills

Our StarPRO Oven and Grill Cleaner can be used to deep clean ovens and grills in a commercial kitchen and helps to remove burnt on food and grease. You should always clean grills and fryers after cooking meat, poultry and fish or after each shift change. The oven interior should also be cleaned thoroughly once a week and behind the oven should be cleaned once a month. Make sure ovens and grills are cooled completely before starting to clean.

  • Make sure there is no food in the oven or grill and remove any food debris.
  • Warm the oven or grill to 40-45ºC then turn off the appliance.
  • Spray the StarPRO Oven and Grill Cleaner evenly around the inside of the oven or grill and leave to activate for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Then scrub the oven or grill with a scourer or cleaning brush. If any product remains, wipe away with a clean cloth.

How To Clean Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Professional kitchen equipment, including, utensils, tableware and crockery, can be cleaned using our StarPRO Stainless Steel Cleaner or our StarPRO Bulk Washing Up Liquid. Cleaning equipment should be cleaned after each use to remove food residue and hood filters should be cleaned at the end of each day.

  • For stainless steel surfaces and equipment, start by removing any debris from the surface.
  • Next, spray the surface with the StarPRO Stainless Steel Cleaner. Then wipe with a clean cloth.
  • For dish cleaning, mix the StarPRO Bulk Washing Up Liquid with hot water, with a ratio of 33ml per 40 litres sink.
  • Remove any food residue from tableware, utensils and crockery before placing into the sink with the washing up liquid.
  • Scrub dishes using a clean cloth, then leave to air dry on a clean surface or dish rack.

How To Clean Commercial Kitchen Floors and Walls

To clean flooring within a professional kitchen or catering capacity, use our StarPRO Heavy Duty Degreaser and Cleaner to cut through grease and dirt. Floors should be swept and mopped on a daily basis and any spillages should be mopped up immediately. Walls should also be cleaned on a daily basis and any food or drink splashes should be removed immediately.

  • First, clear the floor of any dirt or debris using a sweeping brush.
  • Mix 100ml of StarPRO Heavy Duty Degreaser with 5 litres of hot water, then thoroughly wipe the floor using the mop.
  • Start from the back of the room, working your way towards the door so as not to tread on the areas you have already mopped.
  • When finished, make sure to prop a wet floor sign in place before leaving the floor to air dry.
  • For walls, you can use our StarPRO Hard Surface Cleaner Spray, which can be used to clean a number of surfaces, including, plastic, stainless steel and paintwork.
  • To clean a large area of the wall, spray the cleaner straight onto the wall, then wipe using a clean cloth.
  • To remove small amounts of food or drink splashes, spray directly onto a clean cloth, then wipe the affected area.

How To Clean Pub Beer Lines

Our StarPRO Beer Line Cleaner can be used to effectively clean liquid pump lines in drinking establishments.

  • Start by mixing 50ml of beer line cleaner with five litres of water.
  • Next, disconnect the beer supply for the pump and drain the liquid from the system.
  • Pour the StarPRO Beer Line Cleaner into the pipe until it is detected at the tap, then leave for 10 minutes.
  • Drain the system, if the colour of the solution is clear or green, this could be a sign of contamination. If the solution is purple, this means that the system is clean.
  • Keep repeating the steps above until the solution runs purple.
  • Once the line is clean, rinse the system thoroughly with clean water before reconnecting the beer supply.

How To Clean Bar Areas

The bar area of a pub should be cleaned regularly too. If you are cleaning a wooden bar, be careful of the product in which you use to clean. Make sure you are using a cleaner that is suitable for use on wood. Our StarPRO Furniture Polish and Cleaner Spray can be used on wooden bars to keep serving areas clean without causing harm to the look and quality of the wood.

How To Clean Catering Glassware

Residue can build up on glassware and can cause drinks to go flat, lack of head retention on beers and cross contamination. When cleaning glasses, make sure to use a detergent that has been specially formulated for use on glassware and do not wash them among other items such as cutlery or crockery. Our StarPRO Hand Dishwashing Detergent can be used to clean glasses and remove residue that may build up on glassware.

How To Clean Commercial Wooden Furniture

Pub furniture should also be kept clean and hygienic. Make sure to clean wooden tables and chairs often but always use a cleaning product that is suitable for use on wood. Our StarPRO Furniture Polish and Cleaner Spray is ideal for cleaning and polishing wooden furniture within a public house. This will allow you to thoroughly clean your furniture while protecting the look and quality of the wood.

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