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Star Brands, Cleaning Britain Since the 1930s

Star Brands is a UK based company, manufacturing cleaning products and laundry products for homes and commercial environments. Our cleaning products date back to the 1930's and 40’s, since then, Star Brands has become a leading supplier of cleaning products to the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

The Star Brands range of cleaning products has been created to perform every cleaning task required, with each of our brands offering a unique cleaning experience. From our long standing brand, Stardrops, to our more recent additions, StarPro, a professional range of cleaning products and AutoMate, which features a number of car cleaning products. 

Star Brands Cleaning Products


The Stardrops range includes a number of cleaning products, including disinfectants, multi-purpose cleaners, multi-surface cleaners, germ killing anti-bacterial cleaners, stain removing products, kitchen and bathroom cleaners with bleach, mould and mildew removers, carpet cleaners, pet stain and odour removers, leather cleaners, laminate cleaners and leather cleaners. In addition to all of these we have a great range of window, glass and shower cleaners too. The range also features the much loved Stardrops Original All Round Cleaner, a product which has been used in households for decades! 

Old Stardrops products

The Stardrops Original All Round Cleaner Through The Years.

The iconic Stardrops logo with the “Mr Sparkle” yellow droplet man has been a household name for generations. The Stardrops heritage range was restyled in 2016 to celebrate 70 years of the heritage range of cleaning products. The Stardrops all round cleaner, disinfectant and power cleaner with ammonia is now in the homes of the grandchildren of those who initially purchased the products at their launch over 70 years ago.

Stardrops logo


The Wizz brand encompasses a range of laundry cleaners including a wool and delicates liquid, biological laundry liquid, fabric softeners, ironing water, fabric fresheners, stain removers, antibacterial laundry cleaners, and oxi-cleaners including an oxi-fabric stain remover spray and the ever popular oxi-powder.

Wizz Cleaning Products

The Pink Stuff

The Pink Stuff is a vibrant brand that includes a universal cleaning paste, suitable for a number of abrasive cleaning tasks and can be used to clean tough stains on saucepans, cookers, sinks, upvc, ceramic tiles, glass, showers, garden furniture, paintwork, boats, caravans and so much more. This powerful cream cleaner is a popular product that many use to remove stains without causing damage or harm to surfaces and is an essential cleaning product for your household. 

The Pink Stuff Cleaner


Another new product range from Star Brands is Clean-ology. This range has been created to meet the demands of customers who want kinder and more natural cleaning products. The range is created around essential oils and is child and pet friendly. A Rose & Wild Mint Multi-purpose Cleaner, Lemongrass and Orange Glass Cleaner, Black Pepper & Juniper Shower and Granite Cleaner and a Wild Mint and & Green Tea Multipurpose Cleaner create the Clean-ology portfolio of products. Watch this space! As the popularity of this brand will ensure that the range of products will be expanded to include many more cleaning products in the future. All of the Clean-ology products are tough on dirt and grease but kind on the environment.


New Brands

2016 was an exciting year for Star Brands as we launched two new brands on our site. Our AutoMate car care products and our StarPro range, a professional line of cleaning solutions, was made available on the Star Brands ecommerce store. 

AutoMate is a brand you will find here at Star Brands. One that offers a range of premium car care and detailing products. You will come across a number of car cleaning essentials, including, interior, exterior and specialist products, all designed to help you look after your car with ease. Along with cleaning solutions, the AutoMate range also includes coolant and brake fluid, to help you maintain your car’s engine too. 

AutoMate Cleaning Products

StarPro is our range of professional cleaning products which was launched specifically for the industrial market and caters towards our commercial business customers. Our professional cleaning products help to clean and care for businesses and commercial capacities. These industrial strength and large quantity products can be used by those within the cleaning and  housekeeping industry as well as those looking for cleaning products for use within a commercial capacity. 

StarPro Cleaning Products

Star Brands products are also regularly used by other retailers and branded in their own packaging. So you are probably nearer to a Star Brands product than you think! For more information, take a look at our Retailer Own Brand page for details. 


Looking to the Future

Here at Star Brands, our research & product development team are constantly listening to our customers needs and we develop products that meet the needs of an ever-changing world. We create and develop approximately 75 new product formulations per year. This ’in-house’ capability allows us to stay ahead in the cleaning product industry.


In Safe Hands

Star Brands is fully committed to delivering high quality products that meet the needs of the consumer and remain safe and responsibly fit for their purpose. In house evaluation, stability testing and statistical analysis, are fulfilled as part of our day-to-day manufacturing program, to ensure quality is maintained throughout all processes.


Manufacturing Capabilities

Our production site consists of several high speed, fully automated production lines for liquids and powders (in-line), with the flexibility to fill small or large production runs. A range of manufacturing vessels allow us to blend according to demand, and production lines are capable of filling bottles from 200ml upwards. With the addition of several bulk storage vessels, this gives additional capacity to easily transfer liquids direct to our filling lines.



As a company, we fully understand our responsibility both to the planet and to the people who use our products. We take great measures to ensure that environmental impacts are minimised throughout the entire cleaning product manufacturing process. To that end, we are fully committed to the charter for sustainable cleaning - a voluntary industry initiative, which encourages manufacturers and consumers to adopt more sustainable cleaning practices. The charter symbol featured on our packaging, which is independently verified, demonstrates our compliance and commitment to this stringent program and shows our continuous endeavours to improve our sustainability.


Animal Testing

All of the Star Brands products are cruelty free. So you can clean your home with complete peace of mind.


Delivery and Returns

If you require details on our delivery and returns policy, please visit our delivery and returns pages for more information.

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